Running a French Holiday Gite in Rural Brittany

Thursday, January 11, 2007

Blown off course on my way to France

Unfortunately "high winds have caused travel chaos" (in the words of the BBC) and my ferry crossing was cancelled.

Unfortunately the Speedferries Captain didn't decide to cancel the 4pm sailing (which I was due to be on) until 2pm, by which time I had already had to travel part way to Dover. I had been calling their office throughout the day for news either way and when I finally heard at 2:30pm I was already well on the way and had to turn around.

I'm now on the 8am sailing and hopefully the weather will be good enough to cross - the Dover weather forecast shows the winds dying down in the night, but still due to be 27mph at 8am. In the 20 or so crossings to France we've made since buying the Gite 4 years ago this is the first cancellation we've had so I suppose we're doing well.

At least I can now pickup the things that I'd forgotten like the headlamp beam adaptors and some CD's for the journey ...

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