Running a French Holiday Gite in Rural Brittany

Tuesday, October 24, 2006

The deed is done - new holiday home website design finally launched!

Finally at 9:47pm tonight I clicked the 'publish' button in Rational's Software Development tool (which our Brittany Gite website is written in), and uploaded the new site design.

I've been writing about the evolution of the new design for some months now (most recently earlier this month when I finally settled on a new CSS based design and when I tested the new design with IE7), and since then I've been diligently applying the new design to all the pages of the site.

Most of the site design is actually generated from a single template and this takes care of ensuring that all the pages have a consistent look and feel and automatically generates the navigation structure down the left hand side. It's therefore been a matter of building the new template, applying it to each page, addingthe appropriate DIV sections to the HTML, then testing that it all works properly. Oh yes, then spell checking all the pages, and finally going through confirmed that all the external site links still worked - several of which didn't, and had to be corrected or removed.

I've still got more to do, there's new photos to add, new sections to add about additional local attractions and guest comments, but these are comparatively minor and can all come later. I'm pleased with the end result and hopefully web visitors will like it too.

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