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Wednesday, October 04, 2006

My marrow's 95% compatible

Following on from last month's blog entry about giving a blood sample for the Anthony Nolan Bone Marrow Trust, I received a letter in the post from the trust yesterday giving the results.

Apparently I'm a 'good match for the patient' and that I have '95% compatibility with the patient'. It then goes on to say that 'if we are not able to establish a 100% match then I may be requested to provide a further blood sample for a final stage of testing, or I may be chosen to proceed to transplant'. It ends with explaining that 'if I've not heard anything further within two months then it's highly unlikely that I will be required for this particular patient'.

I spoke to the Trust on the phone today and they confirmed that at this stage there's nothing more I can do. The sample is with the patient's transplant centre and it's up to them as to whether they call me for further tests or not. They did explain that they deal with transplant centres internationally so potentially I could be helping a Leukaemia sufferer anywhere in the world. Unfortunately I can't make a blood donation for another 2 months until I know for sure that I'm not "the chosen one" to donate.

So all I can do is wait to hear one way or the other ...

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