Running a French Holiday Gite in Rural Brittany

Friday, September 29, 2006

Off to Wales this weekend to collect some beds

Furnishing our holiday home seems to be a never ending occupation, especially since we're now starting (very slowly!) to renovate the second house. Ultimately that'll be a second 3 bedroom Gite as well although it's connected to our current one at the first floor so there'll be the option of renting all of it out as a 6 bedroom property.

Last weekend I was in Ikea to buy some new bedside lights as some guests last month had accidentally broken one of them when staying. We've broken (and replaced) one ourselves last year so I ended up buying three new ones so that we'll have a few spares over in France. Although Ikea's in France as well (and costs slightly less than the UK), the nearest one is 2 hours away in Nantes so I end up in the export business again when we go shopping there. For some reason lights seem to be incredibly expensive in French shops - one place I looked in wanted £40 for each bedside light and I ended up paying over £50 for what I thought was a fairly ordinary light in one of the bedrooms. Ikea's prices are much more reasonable.

Wherever possible we've tried to furnish the Gite with simple country style oak furniture so we've ended up with a mixture of things from our UK house, from UK furniture dealers, from ebay and of course from France.

This weekend for example a friend of mine has given me a couple of beds from his late fathers house so we've hired a transit van and are off to deepest darkest Wales to pick them up. Doubtless they will end up being lashed to the roof of my trusty Primera Estate for the journey over to Brittany, but for ease we've got a van for the weekend and of course a ready supply of Yorkie bars for the journey!

I was looking on Google for a good Yorkie bar picture for this Blog article. Bizarely there's a Wikipedia entry on Yorkie chocolate bars and even more strange was when I searched for Yorkie Chocolate Bar on Google I was presented with an Adsense advert suggesting that I might 'Buy Yorkie Chocolate Bar on eBay'. Surprisingly there isn't actually any Yorkie bars for sale on ebay right now .....



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