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Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Moving house - a UK nightmare (not on elm street) !

Nightmare on Elm Street
Sharp eyed viewers may well spot in the next week or so that the contact us to make a holiday Booking Enquiry form for our Gite is changing.

After nearly 12 years of living in Wrestlingworth, Bedfordshire we have decided to up-sticks, pack everything into innumerable boxes (including doubtless loads of rubbish that we should have thrown out but haven't), and move to the far flung outer reaches of Wrestlingworth, Bedfordshire.

Yes we're moving house all the way from where we are now to the other end of our village. According to Google Maps it's 0.3 miles and will take about 8 minutes to walk, or about a minute to drive.

I'm sure when we moved into our current house we swore that we would never move again, and here we are, saying the same thing again as we prepare for tomorrow's move.

The things we do for a slightly bigger garden ....


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