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Sunday, July 27, 2008

Pictobrowser flash movie doesn't work with Firefox 3 + Adblock

Last week I wrote how to display PictoBrowser using standards compliant HTML and get rid of the horrible <OBJECT><EMBED> structure that's normally required to load a flash movie, replacing it with a much simpler <OBJECT object type="application/x-shockwave-flash">.

Tonight a few days after I'd written the article and I'd asked a few friends to test the new page, and finding it all still worked fine, I made the changes to the Gite Photo Gallery, gave it a quick check, and found I got the "cannot load flash movie" message:

PictoBrowser doesn't load with Adblock and Firefox3


Cutting a long evening trying to find the problem and a lot of Googling short, I eventually tracked down Jyri Kilpelainen's posting of the self-same problem and the corresponding Bugzilla bug report.

It transpires that there's a problem with Adblock running within Firefox 3 (which I'd just upgraded to), and as a result it doesn't show flash movies if they're embedded with <OBJECT object type="application/x-shockwave-flash"> - lots of other people have reported this problem on the Firefox Adblock plugin page.

Although I could upgrade to Adblock Plus which apparently doesn't have this problem, for now I'm going to leave the photo gallery page as it originally was until the problem's fixed properly as there's potentially lots of other people out there using Adblock in Firefox like me, and I'd rather keep the website working for the majority.



  • Hello Geoffrey,

    the new PictoBrowser (coming in a few months) will be using the swfObject method (

    The problem you're having with PictoBrowser is common to all flash movies on the web and the swfObject method seems to be one most browsers can deal with without any problems.

    If you're having issues with the object or embed tags, just send me your PictoBrowser's HTML code and I'll send you the swfObject HTML and javascript code.


    PictoBrowser creator

    By Blogger diego, at July 27, 2008  

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