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Thursday, July 10, 2008

Holiday Driving Hell - Monday 14th July, 8pm

A quick TV tip I spotted that looks to be worthwhile watching, on Monday next week on ITV1 there's a programme entitled "Holiday Driving Hell".

I caught the end of this weeks programme and from what I saw they were going to be talking about driving in France, and how British holiday-makers can inadvertently break the law, face on-the-spot fines or have their vehicles confiscated.

They were interviewing people on the ferry across to France to see whether they could recognise various French road signs (many couldn't) and talking to people who have managed to fall foul of the foreign driving laws.

On my long term "to-do" list for the website is to write more about the differences of driving to France. I have started the new website page but like many things, not quite finished it. I think I'll be putting the video on for some more inspiration ...



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