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Sunday, November 26, 2006

Dynamic website content - a custom TV listings guide for programmes about France

According to many sources (including Wikipedia's definition of Web 2.0), the next big "internet thing" is dynamic content and social networking, blogs, etc.

One of the PC applications I've been using for some time (many years in fact) is the DigiGuide TV listing tool. It sits in the corner and reminds me when I should watch my favourite programmes (as if of course I've the time to actually watch any TV!).

DigiGuide have launched an 'instant search' facility that generates dynamic TV listing content for your own website so I thought in this Web 2 world I'd have a go at trying to produce a customised TV listing panel that shows forthcoming programmes with 'France' or 'Brittany' in the title. It's fairly easy to build the search query to obtain the programmes you want using boolean AND, OR and NOT operators so I tried searching for france or (brittany and not (spears or murphy) ).

My sample search worked fine in my browser but when I tried embedding it in a Blog article it all went pear-shaped as Blogger doesn't allow you to have JavaScript content on a blog entry.
I am allowed to put dynamic content on the sidebar, but after testing it out I decided I didn't like it:

Oh well so much for the dynamic world of Web 2.0

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