Running a French Holiday Gite in Rural Brittany

Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Just back from France after a week's working holiday

Last week I was over at our Brittany holiday home, taking over much of the furniture that's accumulated at home and also the furniture we collected from Wales at last month.

As usual my trusty Primera was completely full to the brim (and on the roof as well) with furniture and although it only does 25mpg when this laden it's still suprisingly agile and will still do 80+mph without any complaints.
In all I took
  • A double bed
  • Two single bed bases
  • A bedside cabinet
  • A bedroom chest of drawers
  • Microwave oven
  • Pots, pans, cutlery and plates
  • 20 shrubs and plants for the garden
  • A kids bike
  • 3 headboards (for the beds)
  • A pile of wood left over from when we had our UK garden terraced (that I chopped up for the fire in France)
  • 3 bedside lights and a table lamp
  • Tools for the week
  • Some more toys for the garden and indoor kids games

  • ... and of course me!
I had quite a successful week whilst over there (and I'll write some more about what I did later). Of course getting returning to work after a week's absence meant I had an enourmous pile of emails to deal with - 170 emails at work and 330 at home (of which a good 200+ must have been spam). Included in there was three booking enquiries which have so far translated into two holiday bookings, for December 06 and June 07 - so that was one nice part of returning home (plus seeing the family as well of course)!

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