Running a French Holiday Gite in Rural Brittany

Monday, July 05, 2010

Filling up the garage ready for our next trip to our French villa

Sorry for the lack of Blog postings through June (and some of May as well), as you may have guessed, work intervened to cut short my time to ramble on here about all things Gite-ish and French-ish.

For the last 8 weeks I've been working in Milan on a customer site, leading the high level design for a new computer system for them. It sounds far more glamorous than in practice it's turned out to be, commuting each week by aeroplane is I've decided something I don't particularly relish, but it pays the bills so has to be done. Each Monday I'm up at the crack of sparrows to drive to Heathrow, ignore the shopping facilities at terminal 5, fly to Milan, taxi to the client, then it's hotel/office, hotel/office, with occasional restaurants in between, and then fly back Friday night.

I have learnt that Italy is frighteningly more expensive than France, and I've also discovered that my brain can only cope with one foreign language. After 8 weeks I decided to borrow an Italian language course from the library and so far I keep on answering all the questions on the CD in French rather than Italian. No matter how hard I try I keep on muddling up my responses with French phrases so its a good job I have absolutely no plans to buy a house in Italy any time soon.

Meanwhile back at home, or to be more precise, back in our garage at home, I've been accumulating more things to take over to France.

Each time I go to our French home I make a list of things I want to do whilst I'm over there, then usually manage to achieve almost none of them, and on the return I make a list of things to bring over from the UK and usually manage to acquire a load more "useful" things that I hadn't originally thought of as well.

As well as two more kids bikes including one I brought back from France to repair I've been busy buying things off ebay and in the shops near home so have gained some more Brittany tourist guide books, a new cover for the swimming pool (after the last one got torn - grrr), a small side table to go underneath the freezer in the kitchen, replacement parts for the "swing seat" in the garden, a spare pump for the pool, some more videos, a metz post to repair a wobbly bit of fence, some masonry drill bits, etc, etc.

And as well as all that lot I've got to pack a load of tools so that I can finish off the laminate flooring in the hallway, the tiling in the second bathroom, the rubber matting walkway around the edges of the swimming pool, etc, etc.

Plus of course we've got to take ourselves and the dog in the car as well.

Going to be a full car - again.

Looking forward to going though, only 5 weeks to go now ...



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