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Friday, May 14, 2010

Barfleur spotted in Caen

Just before Christmas 2009 I reported on the decision by Brittany Ferries to withdraw the Poole/Cherbourg ferry service and with it to retire the Barfleur after 18 years service on this route.

Well you may have wondered what's happened to Barfleur since Brittany Ferries withdrew the boat from service?

On the 8th April when I was on holiday in Brittany I quite by chance found the answer to that question when I was driving from Boulogne down to Brittany. The route I take follows the autoroute down past Abbeville, Amiens, through Rouen, round Caen, through Avranches, past Mont St Michel and then the last 30 miles is smaller country roads to get to our Gite.

At Caen I always go round the South side of the Périphérique (ring-road) as its less crowded and is I think slightly shorter and quicker than going round the Northern side of Caen. But just for once I took the Périphérique Nord because I wanted to call into the big Brico Depot DIY merchant which is to the northern side of Caen.

Going round to the North of Caen takes you over a river estuary and as I was driving along I noticed a large boat on the river, which I then noticed was painted in Brittany Ferries colours, and as I drove past I spotted it was Barfleur that had been moored up in this presumably quiet location.

I managed to get my camera out in time and snap a few pictures as I drove past, sorry about the railings in the way but I was driving at the time and couldn't stop so I think I have a decent excuse!

The ferry looked pretty much as if it would have done when it finished service on 7th March 2010. I wonder what Brittany Ferries plans are for her?

Here's a link to the Google Map position of where Barfleur is currently moored.



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