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Sunday, October 12, 2008

Remember what you need to do with remindtime

I've got so many free adverts for our Gite running on multiple websites (plus I sometimes have forget little things like getting the MOT renewed) that some time ago I sought out a free reminder service to tell me when adverts (or MOT's) needed to be renewed.

I've been using RemindTime for some time as it's pretty easy to use and automatically emails you with your little reminder message on the chosen day/time (and optionally a few days before and afterwards as well).

You can have your reminder sent to you by email for nowt (my favourite), by text (just 10 pence), by phone call (25p), fax (25p), pager message (25p), a physical snail-mail letter (50p) or even a personal visit (£20) !

I've only ever opted for the free email reminders and I used the service pretty extensively to remind me of everything from the car MOT, credit card payments, mortgage scheme expiry, plus of course all the Gite advert reminders.

All was well until about a year ago when for some odd reason I stopped getting any reminder emails.

Nothing untoward appeared wrong on the RemindTime website, there was no notice of cessation of service, just the reminders stopped coming which I assumed was because they'd gone out of business or something.

Well tonight I was inundated with 230 emails, almost all of them remindtime reminders going all the way back to when the service stopped working. Took me ages to wade through them all but at least I did find a few adverts I hadn't renewed in the intervening months. I guess the service is back up and running.

Last month I forgot to get a new MOT on Liz's car and only found out about it when I couldn't pay online for a new tax disc. Oops. I'm glad remindtime is back in operation then ...



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