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Sunday, July 13, 2008

Blogging in the future

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When I finished editing my last posting about a scam "honeymoon" booking I accidentally discovered a new feature that Blogger had just introduced - automatic future posting.

When I finished writing the article on Tuesday evening I decided I'd post it on Wednesday morning when I got into work so I changed the post date & time to 9am on Wednesday morning. I then intended to click "save now" to save a draft copy of the posting, and then on Wednesday morning I'd click on "publish post" to launch my inner thoughts onto the internet (well a few of my inner thoughts anyway).

Instead what I did was press the enter key, which defaults to "publish post" and Blogger then surprised me with the following screen telling me that my posting was queued up and would be automatically posted at the appropriate date in the future:

Blogger auto posting

Blogger only launched the automatic posting of future-dated posts last month, and like lots of things from Google it's delivered so neatly that you don't even need to search it out - it just works!

Guess what, I'm going to future-date this posting as well, not for any good reason, just because I can !!

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