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Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Where does all the electricity come from?

Just received my most recent electricity bill from EDF and was interested to see at the bottom there was a breakdown of origine de l'électricité (electricity origin) - i.e. where the electricity was sourced from.

I didn't recall seeing this on my UK electricity bill so did a bit of digging around and have managed to find out the 'typical UK electricity supplier's' sources:

SourceEDF ElectricityUK Average

So apart from EDF highlighting Oil as being a source of electricity which the UK suppliers don't (but may well be lumped under the 'Other' number), the figures are easily compared.

Very interesting to see the almost total reliance on Nuclear energy for French electricity whereas the UK it's much more on fossil fuels and that France is slightly ahead on the renewables agenda.

Given that much of our power stations are powered by coal imported from China nowadays I guess it means that France is more energy self-sufficient, but at what cost in the long run when nuclear decommissioning is required?

Some food for thought.



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