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Saturday, June 09, 2007

Sir Alan wants to knock down my office !!

As I've mentioned occasionally in the past, I work for IBM in their UK consultancy division, based in at IBM's office on the London South Bank.

I was amused to read today that in the final challenge set for the The Apprentice candidates, is the theoretical redesign of my office (IBM South Bank).

IBM sold and leased back the building in 1999, and Sir Alan Sugar's property company's recent acquisition of the location has given Sir Alan the opportunity to set the taxing challenge to imagine what might be put in its place.

Fortunately this is a fictitious scenario for the purposes of TV entertainment so I'm not going to be working out of a building site just yet awhile.

To see some of the promotional videos for the series see the BBC Apprentice microsite and click on 'Watch: Episode 12 previews', and then select the main featured video, you can get a flavour of what they are planning.

There's also some good unseen video footage on there previous episodes of The Apprentice.

Even more reasons to tune in on Wednesday next week and find out who wins.


  • Here's a link to more details of Amsprop's ownership of the IBM Southbank site and some photos of the building on Skyscrapercity.

    According to the post there's another 8 years on the lease so be interesting to see what's going to happen to me then.

    By Blogger Geoffrey Coan, at June 10, 2007  

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