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Tuesday, June 26, 2007

OnOneMap - a great Google mashup if you're looking to buy a house

Here's a great site that I came across recently if you're looking for a new home, it's a mashup of Google maps with estate agency data to show you all* the houses for sale in a selected area.

It's really been well implemented with lots of Ajax popups, you can zoom in and out and pan the map, restrict the houses shown according to number of bedrooms, price, etc; show overlays of mobile phone masts, supermarkets, secondary schools and (as at about a week ago) flood plain information.

One of the really neat features I like is that at any page you can subscribe to an RSS feed (see earlier explanation I wrote on 'what is RSS and how can I use it') of all properties on your current map page and price range. So here for example is a view of properties for sale in our home village of Wrestlingworth and here's the corresponding RSS feed.

I only have a couple of minor gripes that the mobile phone database seems a bit patchy (there's a mast on the edge of our village that's not shown) and that there seems to be a problem with secondary schools not being displayed in Bedfordshire (which is probably due to Bedfordshire having a 3-tier infant/middle/senior school system not the normal 2-tier arrangement).

* Although I say "all properties" in your area for sale, in reality there's some time lag as to when properties appear on the site.
Running the same address search for properties for sale in my village on the better known I found two more properties that haven't appeared on ononemap, and conversely one on onemap that wasn't on rightmove - so pays your money, take your choice I guess.

Unfortunately ononemap doesn't yet show overseas houses so you can't use it to look for your 'dream home in the sun' !

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