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Monday, June 25, 2007

Decision on the future of Gaz de France is 'coming soon'

According to a recent article on, the French Prime Minister Francois Fillon said during a recent interview that a decision on the future of Gaz de France including a possible merger with Suez is due very soon.

Currently both Electricity and Gas are state run monopolies in France (operated by Electricity de France, EDF, and Gaz de France, GDF, respectively).

There's no choice as to supplier, it's EDF/GDF or that's it.

Looking on the BBC news site you can see that the future of Gaz de France has been rumbling on for several years with talks about merging with Suez being referred to the EU in June 2006, French MP's approving the selloff in September 2006, EU approval and then wrangling with the French Unions in November; and more recently Suez takeover talks being announced and then soon afterwards refuted.

Nothing is ever simple in France where state control and subsidies of many industries remains part of the French culture, but it's likely that change will come about over the next few years as the new French President Nicolas Sarkozy has committed to modernising France and reducing bureaucracy.

Watch this space!



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