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Saturday, January 20, 2007

Stuck in London due to the gales

I'm not having much luck with the weather lately. Last Thursday I couldn't get to France because of the gales and this Thursday I arrived at Kings Cross to catch the train home to find absolutely every train cancelled due to this week's gales.

There was nothing running northbound out of Kings Cross, Euston, Thameslink or Liverpool Street and no replacement bus services as apparently the A1, M1, M11, A10, etc were all closed.

Lots of helpful railways staff telling lots of confused commuters that there was no way home that night. Everyone just stood around waiting for something to change but I gave up and went to stay overnight at my Aunt's who fortunately lived in Woodford, and even more fortunately the Central Line was still running so I was able to get there without too much additional trauma.

By Friday evening everything seemed to be back to normal and I was able to get home again.


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