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Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Speedferries price changes due in January

Half-way through Christmas (and calling home for one night in between visiting different relatives) I caught up on my 100 odd emails that have arrived in the 4 days we've been away (of which all too many are Spam - Thunderbird seems not to be catching them as well as it used to, but I digress...)

In amongst the emails was a press release from Speedferries which confusingly tells of fuel price increases and changes to their pricing structure, but at this stage doesn't actually say what the actual changes will be.

What they do announce is that they "have to end the Superticket product" and that the new pricing structure will still be low-cost (hurrah) and "will be recognised as ethical and 100% logic" - whatever that means.

So up to January 3rd you can buy Supertickets for just £29 each way for any 2007 sailings or £19 for January and February sailings. I just did a couple of random crossing price enquiries and all the dates I checked were coming up as £29 (even for peak August school holiday times) so it's an absolute bargain if you want to cross to France - and if you haven't fixed your crossing dates you can buy an Open Superticket which is amendable once for any 2007 crossing (as long as there is still availability on the boat).

Remember though that as they say, these are limited offers !

Be interesting to see what kind of new pricing structure they launch. Personally I'm all in favour of Speedferries, we've used them a few times, the boat's quick and convenient and above all else it's a good price for what you get. In comparison I went over with P&O in December, paid £60 for a single journey and it took longer to get there!

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