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Saturday, December 09, 2006

Free MP3's from Internet Radio stations with Avanquest software

Avanquest software are doing a Christmas advent calendar (gosh, how original) with a free gift every day in the run up to Christmas.

December 7th's gift caught my eye, it's a free download of RadioTracker SE which enables downloading and MP3 ripping of thousands of internet radio stations.

I've tried it out and it certainly does what it says on the tin; you select the genre (pop, funk, classics, easy listening, etc) and off it goes finds 3 matching radio stations and starts saving what they're playing as MP3 files. As well as ripping MP3 tracks it also downloads (to the integrated player) the album coverart and also the lyrics.

I was quite surprised with the results it produces, with a lowly 1/2Mbit ADSL line there seems to be no problems with downloading 3 simultaneous tracks and the quality's certainly no different from CD's I've ripped myself.

According to the RadioTracker website it's legal to save and listen to internet radio tracks as long it's only for personal use and that you don't share or sell them.

You can upgrade to premium and platinum editions of RadioTracker for €20 and €30 respectively which enable wishlists, favorite radio stations, downloading from unlimited stations (instead of 3), more music genre's, ringtone creation, etc. For my money though the SE edition's good enough.

I'll be looking to see what other goodies Avanquest's offering for the rest of December.

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