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Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Final Taxe D'Habitation payment due

As I wrote about last month, I chose to pay my 2006 Taxe D'Habitation by monthly payment (prélèvement mensuels), which is paid in advance of the tax being set in November. (Actually you may recall my electing to pay the 2006 tax in advance was a complete accident as I actually thought I was paying for my 2005 tax in arrears, and ended up in default with the tax office for not paying my 2005 tax).

Anyway, now that the 2006 tax has been calculated I've been sent a décompte des impositions (i.e. statement of account) to tell me that after deducting the 10 monthly payments I have already made from the 2006 Taxe D'Habitation bill I still owe €27 which will be automatically collected from my bank account in December.

They've also automatically assumed I want to pay my 2007 taxe in advance and so will continue to take monthly payments from January through to October, then presumably a balancing transaction in December 2007 for the 2007 account. Although it makes it convenient to pay this way there's no financial benefit to me to do so, and in fact I'd probably prefer to pay it as an annual lump sum rather than have to continue maintaining appropriate funds in our French bank account.

I also noticed that part of the taxe is based on the number of people occupying the property so I did wonder if I could get a rebate as it's not occupied full time? I'll have to do some more investigation into this before I pluck up the courage to telephone the Pontivy tax office as the last thing I want is for the bill to be increased rather than decreased!


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