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Thursday, October 19, 2006

New Google Webmaster tools - bit of a mixed bag

Just read an announcement from Google about their launch of four new Google Webmaster tools.

Most useful are graphs of pages crawled per day, number of kilobytes downloaded per day and time the Googlebot spent downloading my pages.
Interesting to see that Googlebot traffic appears to go up and down quite a lot with large peaks in late July and August - perhaps Googlebot does a full site download once a month or so and then just "dips into" other pages throughout the month?

Possibly the most strange is the Google Image Labeler. Google Image labeler is an attempt to get the web community to put useful labels on the web's photos and images - you're pitted against some other random person, both given random images which you have to give a descriptive label to, and if you and your partner both choose the same label then you're awarded points in recognition of your effort.

I played it a few times, most attempts I was unable to match any of the labels that my random partner chose, but twice I must have been matched against a similar genius because we both correctly labeled 6 photos and gained a massive 600 points for the priviledge. A fun game but not one I think I will be returning to on a regular basis.
The Webmaster option simply enables you to opt-in or opt-out your site's images to Google Image Labeller.

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