Running a French Holiday Gite in Rural Brittany

Wednesday, October 18, 2006

More minor repairs & niggles

It must be the weather (or maybe the Gite has noticed we've not been there for a while), but we seem to be having a spate of minor things going wrong.

Last month I wrote about the kitchen sink not draining properly, and this month it's the Sky box and one of the Velux blinds.

Our local agent Alan was able to fix the kitchen sink problem reasonably easily (it was blocked up with vegetables), but the Sky box is a bit more confusing. Last week's guests phoned us up to say that there'd been a massive storm over in Brittany and since then the Sky wasn't working properly - the sound was OK but the picture was all scrambled. Thinking that maybe the Sky digibox had got scrambled with the weather I suggested that they unplug it, wait a few minutes, then plug it back in again. Unfortunately this then resulted in no picture and no sound either.

Alan and Cherril were kind enough to go over and fiddle with the box on the weekend, swapping it for one of their Sky digiboxes which worked perfectly. Looked like our Digibox had gone phut so I was about to buy a new one off ebay when I received another email from them to say that this week's guests were reporting the same problem with their Digibox. Maybe it's the dish that's misaligned or something? Not quite sure, sounds like more investigation is required.

Also had a report that one of the Velux window night-time blinds has broken and a new one was needed. I'd fortunately written down the part number off the Velux window so was able to track down a replacement blind off Velux UK's website - a princely £90.01 including VAT & delivery charge.
Just before I reached for the credit card I thought I'd try Velux France's website to see if they had the same blind, and at what price. Lo and behold, they did have (even the same part number), and at a more reasonable €81.54 including TVA and delivery. At today's exchange rate that works out at £54.70 so I promptly ordered one. I might after all be needing the £35 saving to buy a new Sky digibox.

Only hope that the French postie can find our Gite OK ...



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