Running a French Holiday Gite in Rural Brittany

Friday, February 03, 2006

Insurance bill arrives - but at least it's cheap

Our annual building and household contents insurance bill for our holiday Gite arrived this week - "Hardly a cause for celebration" I'm sure you're thinking.

Normally I can't get very excited about such things, it's one of the unfortunate side effects of owning two homes is that you have to pay two lots of bills for everything. But as I was filing the Appel de Cotisation away in our 'french bills' folder I compared it against last year's bill and was pleasantly suprised.

Our insurance is through the massive french insurance company, AGF and for 2006/7 the bill is €275.43 - or about £187. Last year we paid €259.18, and the year before €244.76. So year on year the increase is only about 6%.

The french insurance is about half what I pay in for our house in the UK, the french house is larger than our UK one and it's unoccupied for much of the time.

French crime rate is generally lower than in the UK, but all in all this is still amazing value. Afterwards I didn't feel so bad about the cost as I wrote out and posted the cheque ...

PS: It's my birthday today!!


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