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Saturday, July 11, 2009

RyanAir asks - would you stand for a free flight?

In typical RyanAir headline-grabbing style I notice they put out a press announcement on Thursday to gauge whether customers will be prepared to literally 'stand up' on a short-haul flight (instead of sitting) if the fare was free, or if it was half that of the sitting passengers.

There's even a mock-up of what the "secure standing seats" might look like:

Vertical Seating from RyanAir

Given how cheap RyanAir tickets are anyway I couldn't see how a half-price standing-only seat could actually be any cheaper??

Further details of announement and a poll to see how interested customers are in this novel idea are over at RyanAir's press releases.

PS: Watch the RyanAir standing seats video on YouTube and you might realise that this announcement may not be entirely genuine ...

Update 22nd July: RyanAir announced today that 120,000 voted in their online poll about whether they would accept standing on short-haul flights. Apparently 66% people voted for the proposal. See the RyanAir press release for more details.



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