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Wednesday, June 24, 2009 - Brittany Ferries Enthusiasts

Just come across the Brittany Ferries enthusiasts website, an unofficial website that in their own words was "created by ferry enthusiasts for other enthusiasts and travellers who have an interest in the day to day operations of Brittany Ferries".

There's quite a lot of information on the site about the different ferries that BF operate, the different routes, the company history and onboard facilities, etc, but the main energy and updates in the site goes on in the BFenthusiasts forum.

Browsing through the forum tonight I found articles musing on a sister ship for Mont St Michel, the savings to be had with the Brittany Ferries Owners Club and the cheapest time to buy a BF crossing ticket.

Personally after using them extensively for the first couple of years of owning our French holiday home we've now stopped using Brittany Ferries because the ticket prices were so high, but having said that I know other people who love their boats and cross with them to France every year. The summary on the enthusiasts site of the Brittany Ferries onboard accommodation sums it up quite well
Their ships can be described as cruise ferries offering facilities and standards of comfort expected of a cruise ship rather than a cross channel ferry. Facilities include shopping malls, cinemas, restaurants, bars, tourist offices and even swimming pools.

As with much in life you pays your money you takes your choice. But anyway, the BF enthusiasts site is worth a read and there's even a forum section on news and views about other ferry companies.

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  • Hi there. I just found your post while doing a bit of digging on Google. I work on the site at bfe, and thought you might be interested to know that we are planning an update that should take many peoples interest if they cross the channel regularly.

    The thread following the update progress is here:

    I understand if you consider this spamming and won't be surprised if it is deleted, but after your very positive post I thought it might be relevant!

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at July 02, 2009  

  • Hi there, thanks for popping by and leaving a comment - I didn't consider it spam!


    By Blogger Geoffrey, at July 02, 2009  

  • As memory fades, I need to verify if the following Brittany Ferry services operated in the 60s, 70s and 80s. Could I have travelled St. Malo to Southampton (?) in 1963, St. Malo to Portsmouth (1977) and St Malo to Ireland (Rosslare/Wexford?) in 1983? Any help appreciated.

    By Anonymous Then voyager, at April 30, 2016  

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