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Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Looking back on 2007 - Blogging from July to December

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Carrying on from last week's blog entry (Jan-June 2007), a quick recap of some of the notable blog posts from 2007.

July 2007
The month kicked off well with news of my successful promotion application at work, making me now an Associate Partner (equals more stress, more hassle, longer working hours and a tiny touch more money!).
July continued with how to apply for an EHIC (E111 replacement) online, the Tour de France, news of English homes being attacked in Brittany, cheap car hire throughout France and Europe courtesy of Auto Car Europe and finally a sighting of Harry Potter at King's Cross.

August 2007
Postings on MoneyBookers for cut-price foreign currency transfers, our first holiday booking for 2008, Moncontour medieval festival and Mr Bean's holiday.

New septic tank
Many of entries written through the latter half of the year covered covering the Gite's major building works, the installation of a new septic tank system. The story started off with how a septic tank system works and plans for the new septic tank and earthworks and then I recounted day-by-day the story and photos of how our garden disappeared, lots of large holes and mud appeared, the new fosse slowly took shape, and then the builders tidied everything up and grassed it all over again.

The construction itself took 7 days, starting with arranging with a farmer to get the old fosse emptied, starting work and emptying the old fosse, digging out and installing the new septic tank, digging out and installing the sand filter bed, completing the filterbed and pipework, inspecting the system and filling everything in, and finally finishing off with a new gravel driveway.

September, October and November 2007
As well as the fosse story I wrote about free tickets to the London Property Investor Show, £19 speedferry tickets, EasyJet buying GB Airways and some fun online Jigsaw puzzles.

December 2007
Having finally finished off the epic tale of the new septic tank, in December I was able to post on a few other subjects including going over to France for a working week and not being able to sail back because of the gales, Book Review of A Year in The Merde, Frenchmen setting fire to speed cameras and one of my Christmas presents - a top tool!

Hopefully I will shake off this flu/cold I've had all week soon and be able to get back to work and normal life again soon.