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Sunday, January 28, 2007

Freezer Spare parts - try the manufacturer for cheapest parts

I've been busy today buying a replacement compartment door flap for our Bosch freezer after it was molested by one of the kids. After shopping around it goes to show that it's sometimes cheapest to buy from the manufacturer rather than from a reseller such as espares or partmaster (which is owned by Dixons):

SupplierItem PriceDelivery ChargeTotal

Unfortunately can't buy bits like this from ebay which is my usual favourite source.

Postscript (Tuesday 30th Jan):

I ordered the door from Bosch on Sunday afternoon and it arrived first thing this morning (Tuesday), so excellent delivery times from them as well as a good price. Also this morning I belatedly received a price from InterSpares who wanted a mere £32.63 for the same part! Moral is clearly to shop around for spare parts.


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