Running a French Holiday Gite in Rural Brittany

Sunday, July 16, 2006

All part of the service

Last weekend had a concerned phone call from the daughter of our guests that are currently staying in our Brittany holiday Gite.

She was a bit worried as our guests (her parents) had been at the Gite for a week but she'd not heard from them since they got onto the ferry a week earlier despite trying repeatedly to call them on their mobiles - could I get in touch with them just to check that everything was OK?

Unfortunately there's no telephone in the Gite as we didn't think the monthly rental was justified and not being in contact is part of the attraction of "being away from it all". Up to now it's not been a problem and none of our guests has commented on there not being a phone.

Instead I telephoned some English friends of ours that live fairly close to the Gite and asked them to pop over and check that everything was OK, which they did for us. Apparently our guests had forgotten to activate their mobile phone for Europe so bought a French SIM card only to find that, of course, if was all in French and they couldn't understand the instructions !

All's well that ends well as our friends sent a text to their daughter from their phone and reassured her that they were having great time but were incommunicado.



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