Running a French Holiday Gite in Rural Brittany

Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Returning from a week's Brittany holiday we spotted some unhappy Ford Fiesta customers

Last week (school half term) we spent a very relaxing week in the warm Brittany sun at our holiday Gite.

We nearly didn't make it as there were horrendous traffic jams on the M25 (caused by an accident and bank holiday traffic) and consequently we arrived at the Dover port with 7 minutes to spare before the ferry left. And then of course we were diverted into the "did you pack this car yourself" shed to be quizzed by Customs & Excise - just what you don't need when you're running late. We were therefore even more late when we got to the check-in booth with 3 minutes to go before the ferry was late. Fortunately the weather in the channel was foggy and a bit rough so the ferry was over an hour late - phew!

On the way back we returned through St Malo and saw rows and rows of Ford Fiesta's sitting on the dockside waiting to be delivered to the UK.

We were at the port on the 3rd June, look closely at the delivery details sticker and you'll see that the cars are all sold and were due to be delivered on 27th May - oops, going to be a lot of unhappy Ford customers in the UK ...


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