Running a French Holiday Gite in Rural Brittany

Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Paris Brest Paris cycle race

We're over at the Gite for our summer holidays, 3 weeks break, fantastic!

Yesterday we drove into Loudeac as Jack wanted to go to McDonald's and use their free Wi-Fi. Think that he was missing his social media contacts.

On the route we overtook a couple of cycles, then a few more and then more and more groups all strung out along the road from La Cheze and into Loudeac.
Everywhere we looked there was more cycles, some people standing by the roadside cheering them on, and in Loudeac itself there were camper vans full of cycling paraphernalia, lycra everywhere and more people supporting the race.

From the little yellow and orange arrows pointing the route I worked it out that we had strayed into the middle of the Paris Brest Paris cycle race which looked like a larger and more 'ordinary' version of the famous Tour de France.

There was all sorts of participants in the race from racing bikes, recumbent bikes, tandems, hand powered bikes for disabled racers and one really tall bike that I have never seen the like of before.



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