Running a French Holiday Gite in Rural Brittany

Thursday, October 30, 2014

New bushes planted, despite the stones

We brought over to our Gite four laurel bushes in tubs, intending to plant them along the fence by the patio. Then at a French car boot sale we bought two spirea shrubs, making six to plant in total.
Toby decided that this was something that he wanted to do, so on Sunday he started digging the first hole.

The hole digging continued on Monday, then Tuesday, Wednesday and finally finished today, Thursday!

Unfortunately Toby hadn't reckoned on the incredibly stony ground we have in Brittany and so each hole became a mammoth task with several large stones having to be dug out of each hole he tried to dig. There was so much stone excavated that for the last shrub he ran out of soil to fill in around the shrub and had to dig some out of the compost heap.

Mind you, I hadn't anticipated the size of one that he dug up, which turned out to be a concrete angular post, about 12 inches in height, looking a bit like a distance marker from the side of the road, only without any writing on it.

Anyway job done now, thanks Toby.



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