Running a French Holiday Gite in Rural Brittany

Saturday, October 25, 2014

Dodging the French wildlife

Toby and I are over at our Brittany Gite for the half term holiday week.

We took the 9.10pm Friday evening MyFerryLink crossing from Dover to Calais for a very reasonable £70 return. Of course the M25 was as lovely as usual, an hour's queue for the Dartford crossing, but I'd allowed enough time and we were able to call at a Dover chip shop before we checked in, and drove straight onto the boat with no queuing on the quayside. Hurrah !

Got my head down to sleep on a bench for the crossing, and other than a few bits of rain on the journey (sophisticated French rain not boring old English rain) it was almost a trouble free drive through the night to the Gite.

I say almost, because whilst driving along one road I saw something grey standing on the edge of the road. As I got nearer I realised there were about 6 somethings beside and in the edge of the road. I swerved round them as I realised it was a pack of what I think were wild boars - grayish brown, about the size of a large dog, only more stocky and round.
Phew, good job I missed them as I am sure the car wouldn't have been happy if I'd hit them.

15 miles from the Gite I managed to take a right turning too early and ended up down a network of country lanes. Thankfully Sat nav put me right and we were soon at the Gite.

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