Running a French Holiday Gite in Rural Brittany

Wednesday, October 29, 2014

All pumped up, ready to go

In May 2012 Geoff and I fitted a sand filter and high powered pump onto the swimming pool at the Gite, and it's made a big difference, the pool has really been sparkling clean and it's been a lot better for our guests.

Unfortunately in the middle of the season this year the pump died, not a simple fuse blown, looked like the motor had burnt out.

Geoff fitted one of the little pumps and I promised to get a replacement sent over to France.

Luckily I found what appeared to be an identical pump on eBay which I bought and had couriered over to France. It took more than a week to arrive, but when it did, Shirley reported that it had clearly been damaged in transit as there was a big hole in the box and bits of pump were falling out.

The parcel got sent back to the couriers depot and then the fun started...
Without photos of the damage I was unable to complete a claim for damage so I had to wait for the pump parcel to be re-delivered. And I waited and waited and waited. Every day checking the courier website but the box wasn't seemingly going out for re-delivery.

Finally nearly a month later the pump was  sent back to the UK courier who declared that it hadn't been packed properly and so they couldn't accept a claim for damages by the courier. Had to make a claim on eBay against the seller to get my money back.

So then looked for another pump, but this time located near enough to collect - no more postage for me!

On our trip to Brittany we bought the (second) replacement pump over which was a lot easier to fit than I anticipated. One thing I definitely did right was to leave the solvent weld joints overnight to properly cure so when I did turn the pump on it all worked perfectly, no leaks at all.

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