Running a French Holiday Gite in Rural Brittany

Monday, October 27, 2014

All oiled up for next season

Today's task was oiling up.

Or to be more precise, oiling the hardwood outdoor furniture at the Gite.

With a large table on the patio, 6 chairs and 4 sun loungers, on the top, bottom and sides of each, that's an awful lot of wood to cover.

Fortunately I have a large masonry type paintbrush and had bought several bottles of teak oil from England, so it didn't really take too long to do; and it was really lovely and warm in Brittany today so it was enjoyable work.

After oiling I then repaired a broken chair back and a few slats on a sun loungers - the replacement hardwood slats all came from the bottom of Toby's old cot which had fallen out because he jumped up and down too much! I knew the wood would come in handy one day, and today it did!

Toby meanwhile spent the day digging a hole to plant a shrub in. The job was made harder by the inevitable Brittany rocks that lurk wherever we try and dig.
Only 5 more holes and shrubs to go Toby!

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