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Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Hohoho - Personalised Santa Greeting

It's been a while on the blog (I know, I know); blame it on work and more work.

However, as the festive season draws near and dreams that I can put the laptop aside, here's a couple of Christmas websites I thought I'd pass on that is definitely in my Cool Websites category.

First up if you've not seen it is the Google-Earth supported Norad Santa. Run in conjunction with the USA defence boys who normally spend their time looking out for Johnny Foreigner sending missiles at Uncle Sam, they use all their radar technology to track Santa on Christmas Eve as he flies around the globe delivering presents. I first showed my kids this one a couple of years ago and they loved it.

Secondly is one I've never seen before, run by Portable North Pole (PNP) it's a website where you can create your very own personalised child's Christmas message from Santa. It's an absolute hoot of a site, you fill in some details of your child, their age, where they live, what they've done this year, whether they've been naughty or not, and then let Santa's magic do the rest.

The resultant video is then emailed to the lucky child and you can also buy a permanent HD quality copy if you want as well.

I've had a go for our youngest child Jack who is 10 and you can take a look at Jack's video for yourself, I just couldn't stop laughing at it.
Unfortunately I forgot to upload a picture of him so at one stage there is a gingerbread man icon but never mind, its all part of the mystery of Santa.




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