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Thursday, November 26, 2009

Euroferries now delayed until 2010

I guess it was inevitable that after several announcements of Euroferries new service from Ramsgate to Boulogne that was due to start in March, but was delayed in March, June, August, September and was finally due to launch on November 14th - when I commented that this wasn't a good time to start a new service with bookings dropping off during the winter season.

On this is Kent there's the (sadly unsurprising) news that on Wednesday (25th November) Euroferries announced that they won't commence sailings until 2010.

There's no publicly announced revised start date for the service, and I tried a few booking enquiries on Euroferries website but drew a blank from there as well.

It was always going to be difficult launching a new service into the competitive channel ferry business; Speedferries tried and failed spectacularly, so we'll have to wait and see whether Euroferries ever does make it off the starting blocks.



  • Much delayed, and now the company staff evidently entertain themselves by sending threatening letters to bloggers and journos who dare mention that this hardly been the most well managed ferry launch. We shall all wait with baited breath to see whether Euroferries do ever get started in 2010. The cat they propose to use is evidently languishing in the Canaries.

    By Anonymous Tom Watkins, at December 16, 2009  

  • Hi Tom

    I agree, it's hardly a good start to a new service in what is already a very price competitive and crowded market. Getting the customer onboard with great service and great prices is the only way they're going to succeed and sending threatening letters doesn't sound like it's going to further their cause very much.

    So far I've not had any emails or letters myself from Euroferries, but if I do, then I'll be sure to pass on the details.

    The latest rumour is of a March 2010 launch date. Still absolutely nothing on the EF website so we'll have to see whether this is another false dawn or not.

    You can track the location of the ferry from this website:
    Zoom in to the Las Palmas de Gran Canaria port, and you can see all the boats currently moored there.
    Bonanza Express has been there for most of the last year, but when I checked just now, I couldn't see it there.
    Equally I couldn't see the vessel in Ramsgate or Boulogne so maybe it's enroute somewhere.

    Cheers, Geoffrey

    By Blogger Geoffrey, at December 16, 2009  

  • Monday 1 March is the big day. The timetable on the Euroferries website shows services starting on Monday, with the first crossing from Boulogne.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at February 27, 2010  

  • Well let's hope the new service actually does start tomorrow and its not another false dawn.

    By Blogger Geoffrey, at February 28, 2010  

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