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Sunday, July 05, 2009

Turbo blogging - or making your website/blog load faster

Even in these days of always on broadband and hyper-fast connectivity (well if the government get their way with Digital Britain that is), it's still worth taking a bit of time to make sure you've done the obvious things to make your website or Blog as quick as possible.

Over on Blogger's help pages I came across some how to make your Blog load faster tips from Google - and they should know!

I still find it amazing how many websites you see that have massive photos that haven't been properly resized from the multi-megabyte camera image.

I've also been using the Yahoo Yslow plugin for Firebug to analyse my websites for performance problems and whilst it gives some good pointers as to what to do the suggestions are a bit "cryptic" to say the least.

Surfin the web today I came across a Google announcing they've launched Page Speed, another Firebug plugin which does much the same thing, except (in my humble opinion), it's better.
So for example the three tips that Page Speed identifies I should apply to our holiday Gite homepage are to:
  • Set expiry dates on items (such as pictures) that don't change frequently so they get cached in the user's browser and thus don't need to be downloaded each time ... and PageSpeed gives me specific details of what should have the cache expiry date set

  • Enable gzip compression on the html and linked css files ... and I'm given details of precisely how many kb download this will save

  • And to use Minify to reduce Javascript files ... and again the savings I can gain are detailed
Great stuff!

It would be 'even better if' Page Speed gave me details (or a link) to precisely how to implement these suggestions, but the help given is much more specific than Yahoo's Yslow so Page Speed will be going in my Web kitbag and (when I get some time!) I'll be working through the suggestions made.

See the Google Page Speed download page for more details and to join in the community forum to share your own experiences and suggestions.

Follow these tips and do your bit to keep the 'web lean!!

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