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Wednesday, July 01, 2009

European mobile phone cap means it's cheaper to phone home

BT Busby logo
It's been widely reported in the press today including a BBC news report on the cost of using a mobile in Europe has been capped from today, 1st July 2009.

It now costs a maximum of 9.4p to send a text if you're roaming abroad from the EU and costs nothing to receive a text - some providers used to charge 20p for that privilege in the past.

Making a call is capped at 37p a minute and receiving a call at 16p a minute.

All these prices are then plus VAT and as the capped price is in Euros and Cents it may fluctuate a bit with the exchange rate, but the overwhelming news is it's a lot cheaper than it used to be.

Of course some providers may charge less than these capped prices such as the recent article I wrote on Vodaphone abolishing roaming charges this summer.

All in all it's cheaper to 'phone home' ... remember the BT buzby bird (logo above) ?



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