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Friday, May 22, 2009

Vodaphone cuts the cost of calls from abroad with its summer Passport scheme

Using your mobile phone from abroad both for making and receiving has always been fiendishly expensive with charges of £1 a minute or more not being uncommon.

Fortunately due to EU regulation the charges have been coming down over the last few years, and now it looks like Vodaphone have been the first to abolish them completely.

Vodaphone announced last week that they are reducing roaming charges and abolishing them until September 2009. So it now will cost just the same to call from (say) France as it would be to call from Frimley!

All you have to do is register for Vodaphone's Passport scheme by texting the word ‘Passport’ to 97888 if you're on a monthly contract, or text to 2345 if you're a Pay as you go customer.

If you're not with Vodaphone then pickup a free
Vodaphone PAYG sim card
, pop it into your handset (which must be unlocked), and away you go.



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