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Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Replacement swimming pool pump

Been shopping (again).

Back in August I received a phone call from our Gite guests to tell us that they'd come back in after a day out and all the electricity was off. Cutting the story (and the phone calls between me and France) short, we managed to isolate the problem to "something" fusing the downstairs lighting circuit, which I then remembered was the circuit that had been extended from the boiler room into the outside barn, which was where the swimming pool pump was plugged in.

Turns out that the guests had switched the swimming pool pump on when they went out in the morning and for some reason the pump had died and was causing the trip switch to blow. Unplugging the pump and everything worked OK.

The following weekend Alan went over to the Gite and swapped the pump for a spare one I had in France, so everything was back to normal.

Concious that we now didn't have a spare swimming pool pump, and one had gone after only a season's use, I needed to buy another one.

Retail prices of these pool pumps are circa £50, I found a couple of suppliers on ebay that would sell me one for £39.99, but last week I managed to snaffle one on ebay for just £4.99 + P&P, £12 all in.

A bobby bargain!

The pump arrived yesterday, it's absolutely brand new and never used so I'll be taking it over to Brittany when I'm next over.

PS: The lovely photo is from May last year and is of Jack and Toby playing in the pool whilst we waited for it to be filled up. The swimming pool takes some 18 cubic metres of water so it doesn't half take a while to fill up. It probably costs a small fortune on the water meter as well but I'm trying not to think about that.

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