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Wednesday, July 02, 2008

A free ticket from SpeedFerries after they cancelled my crossing last week

Last week I wrote about my frustrating trip home after striking Boulogne fishermen caused SpeedFerries to cancel my crossing. Well today a bit of nice news in the email, a complementary return crossing ticket:

Dear Customer

Last week your crossing with SpeedFerries was affected by industrial action on the part of the fishermen in Boulogne.

As a gesture of good will for the inconvenience you experienced, SpeedFerries would like to offer you a free return ticket, which is valid for travel within the next 12 months. Should you be unable to use this ticket yourself, it can be passed on to a person of your choice.

The free ticket has been issued with a “dummy” date and name and can be activated for actual travel dates by logging on to using the reference number and security code below.

Reference number : XXXX it's a secret that I'm not telling my blog readers!
Security code : XXXX also not telling you this!

SpeedFerries is also pleased to inform you that the relevant parties have all committed to a long term solution and that we are assured that SpeedFerries’ customers will not be inconvenienced in the future by actions of this type.

Kind regards

SpeedFerries Ltd.

Definitely the right thing for SpeedFerries to have done, a good customer service result, and I'm happy to continue recommending them.



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