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Monday, April 28, 2008

Proposed 16 mile bridge from Normandy to Jersey

Sounding to me rather like a late April fool's joke (but stranger things have happened), there's a report in The Times today about building a bridge from Jersey in the Channel Islands to Normandy in North West France.

Peter Walsh a former president of the island's chamber of commerce has costed the 16 mile long bridge at *just* £1 billion after looking at the similar, but shorter 10 mile, Oresund bridge that links Sweden and Denmark.

Property prices for the 91,000 inhabitants of Jersey are already at similar levels to Central London and are tipped to go higher if the bridge does go ahead as it'll open up the possibility of commuting from France to Jersey and vice versa although with £25 tolls it'll take a while to recoup the massive investment.

Who knows whether it'll happen or not? Eurotunnel and the Oresund bridge no doubt started with similar low-key suggestions but I don't think the ferry companies will be quaking just yet awhile ...



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