Running a French Holiday Gite in Rural Brittany

Monday, January 14, 2008

We're in the top 400 Gites in France

We are ranked in the TOP 400 GITES on
We've recently had our Brittany Holiday Gite selected to become a member of GiteDeFrance.Info's top 400 Gites in France for 2008 which is nice recognition of the quality of our Gite, and a potential additional source of customers for us.

Having been selected to be in the top 400, the actual position we appear at within the directory is determined by how many visitors we in turn send to the GdF.I website and how many visitors from GdF.I visit our Gite website. So in essence it's a popularity based ranking. Those Gites that pass more visitors to the directory appear higher which in turn boosts their visitors, etc, etc.

Right now we're appearing at position 55-ish but this seems to be recalculated fairly frequently so with luck we'll get a bit higher soon.

I've added the snazzy GdF.i logo to the homepage of our Gite website so hopefully that'll help to boost our ranking a bit: logo



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