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Thursday, December 06, 2007

What country does P&O get their customers from?

Travelling back from Brittany on Sunday via P&O due to high winds in the channel I was amused to read on my booking reference how I collected my ferry ticket:

In English
Dear Passenger,
You will collect your tickets at check-in by quoting this reference number

In French
Cher Passager,
Votre billet vous sera remis à l'enregistrement sur présentation de ce numéro de référence

And in a third language.

Guess which it was ....

Guess which language P&O obviously believe its customers is most likely to speak?

Drozdy Pasazerowie,
Podezas kontroli prosze zebrac bilety wedlug przypisanych numerow

And the answer is ... Polish !

Says something for the world that P&O think they'll have more Polish speakers than Belgian's, Spaniard's, Dutchmen, German, Italians, etc, etc.

(Oh yes, and Google translate doesn't offer any translation options to/from Polish, so they don't believe much of the world speaks Polish !)

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