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Monday, December 24, 2007

Unexpected ebay search results
I've been looking to buy a copy of "Lockyears FarmStrips & Private Airfields Flight Guide" which lists small private airfields and farm landing strips on ebay but unfortunately missed out by not quite bidding high enough on a recently auctioned copy on ebay.

So although I've got an ebay search setup to automatically email me when other books matching "lockyears farm*" are listed on ebay, I thought I'd try the "View Similar Items" search on MyEbay and ended up with some very unexpected results ... not what I was expecting at all ....

The joys of the global market place that is ebay! In amongst the 18-rated DVD's (presumably found because of the search word 'private'), I did find one copy listed on ebay, but at a higher price than I wanted to pay so I'll keep on searching.

And why am I looking for this book? Well I've been learning to fly a Microlight airplane for the past few months. Still practising flying circuits and trying to land without crashing the air plane at the moment so it's not as if I am going solo or will be needing the book for just awhile.



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