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Sunday, December 23, 2007

No success with advertising on RentPropertyDirect

Back in December 2006 I wrote about a year's free holiday home advertising on Rent Property Direct, and just a couple of weeks ago I received the 4-weeks-to-go, 2-weeks-to-go, 1-week-to-go, renew-today automatic reminder emails telling me that my first year's advert (which was free) was coming to an end.

Well when I put the advert up I commented that as it hadn't cost me anything to list then if I didn't get any bookings as a result I wasn't losing anything, and perhaps as I half expected, that's exactly what I gained from the year's advert - nothing at all.

According to the RPD statistics for my Gite advert we've been viewed 320 times over the last year (and doubtless one or two of those were from me checking the advert looked right), but I've had zero enquiries, not one, absolutely nothing, zip, zilch, nada, nowt.

So I won't be passing £99 of my children's inheritance onto RPD for a second year's listing and I'll try somewhere else instead. They're still doing the free listing for the first year offer so good luck to any prospective other clients, and sorry it didn't work out for me.



  • Hello Geoffrey, likewise... no bookings via RPD, but guess what happened when I didn't pay up. Yep, another free year!

    Christmas greetings to you, liz and the boys.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at December 25, 2007  

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