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Friday, December 28, 2007

Gerber christmas present - tools for men

As usual at Christmas I can never think what I really would like for a present* and so as my mother-in-law says I end up receiving "lump-it" for a present.

This year's lump it was a very useful Gerber multi-tool which combines pliers, screw drivers, scissors, mini-saw and various tools you don't really know what they are used for - similar in many respects to a Swiss army knife, but instead made of Titanium and with a life-time guarantee.

Anyway, enough about the pliers, what amused me about them, and the reason I'm blogging about it, was the warning note on the back:
WARNING: Open carefully and tackle the project the way your old man would have. Build a deck, change the lawnmower oil, construct a lean-to, catch dinner from a creek, repair the fence, unclog the drain and discover that you are the handyman you've been looking for.
And remember, it's not worth doing unless it gets dirt, grease or splinters under your nails.

I loved the last line - a job's not worth doing unless you get dirt, grease or splinters under your nails. What a superb quote, definitely a great lump-it present.

* Oh yes, the "can't think what I would like for a present" problem usually lasts until about the week after Christmas when I then think of several things I would like. Fortunately it's my birthday in February so I can write a really good birthday present list.


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