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Saturday, December 22, 2007

French take direct action in their hate of speed cameras

Speed camera
Over on Times Online an interesting article about how France's Nationalist Revolutionary Army Faction (FNAR) are apparently taking direct action in their dislike of speed cameras and have taken to blowing them up with home-made explosive and timer mechanisms.

France has comparatively few speed cameras with roughly 2 cameras per 1000 square kilometers, compared to 7 per 1000 square kilometers in Italy and nearly 21 in the UK, but they're catching up fast since former President Jacques Chirac started getting tough with France’s high road death toll and instigated a programme of installing cameras at known problem spots.

Of course the best way of not getting caught speeding is to not speed in the first place, but if you're worried there's the useful Controle Radar site which details speed camera locations across France including Brittany, links to maps of speed camera locations provided by the government's sécurité routière and details of the potentially substantial speeding fines if you're unlucky enough to be caught.

Fixed speed cameras are always signposted in advance in France (although the mobile patrols aren't) so keep an eye out when trundling along the usually empty roads and be careful out there!



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