Running a French Holiday Gite in Rural Brittany

Sunday, August 05, 2007

2008's just around the corner, we've had our first booking

Some people are just more organised than others.

I like to think I'm fairly organised (the reality is I'm organised about some things and not at all about others), but I'm not as organised as the Porter family of Devon who have just tonight booked a 2008 summer holiday in our Brittany Gite, an amazing 363 days before they are due to go!

The booking came through the holiday home listing we have on VillaRentals who rather than charging an up front fee, they charge on a per-booking basis. Over the 20 months or so we've advertised on VillaRentals we've had about 8 bookings via them and looking back at my Blog posts from last year I saw that in fact my first 2007 holiday booking was also made via VillaRentals; only it was slightly later on, on the 24th August 2006 vs. 5th August 2007.

If it keeps on going on like this I'll be getting 2009 bookings before 2007 is out ! [Well actually I can't as I've only published rental prices up to the end of 2008 ....]

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